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Never be late to meetings again!

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Also available as a download from this website and via Setapp.

Are you late to meetings because you don't see the notification?

In Your Face blocks your screen just in time for the meeting. It is virtually impossible to miss the alert.

ADHD's best friend
When I get hyperfocused on a task I miss meetings. This doesn't let me miss meetings anymore. Thank you!


App Store review by Kettleandstring – May 12, 2021

If you're prone to losing track of time when you're in the flow, this little gem will draw you back to the real world just in time to attend the next meeting


App Store review by Dodge1001 – Sep 20, 2022

An App I Can't Live Without
In a primarily-remote-work world, this app is the only thing keeping me from missing every single meeting while I'm lost writing my code.


App Store review by NathanBLawrence – Jun 21, 2022

Join video conferences with a single click.

In Your Face automatically detects video conference links in calendar events,
perfect for working from home and remote working.
All popular video conferencing services are supported.

Lives in your Menu Bar.

In Your Face is unobtrusive until you need it. Access all its features through the menu bar. See upcoming and ongoing events in the menu and jump directly into video calls with a single click.

Custom Reminders.

Be reminded just about anything, even when there is no calendar event for it. Custom reminders are a quick and reliable way to remember your time critical tasks.

A MUST-HAVE for people that get distracted easily
I can't even begin to express how much this app has helped me. I used to get those little tiny alerts at the top or bottom corners of my screen, which I would inevitably forget. I was missing so many meetings, but not anymore! As a person with ADHD, this app has saved me. Thank you!


App Store review by ChristinePala011011 – Feb 25, 2022

Customizable alerts.

You need exactly four minutes to walk to the meeting room?
Customize alerts for events to fit your needs.

Be reminded when it really matters.

Get alerts only for the calendars that really matter to you.
Deactivate personal calendars and family calendars to fine tune your experience.

Just what I needed!
I seem to be blind to normal notifications. No missing these. I'm finally making meetings / call on time consistently.


App Store review by Ribrob – Mar 20, 2020

EVERYONE who works in front of a computer needs this! Never forget a meeting! This is "Just what the doctor ordered!"


App Store review by Jessdolgin – Apr 2, 2020

After installing this app, I am no longer late for meetings. I will be installing this on every work machine I use, forever.


App Store review by That guy!! – Feb 13, 2020

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Also available as a download from this website and via Setapp.