In Your Face

Never be late to meetings again!


Do you miss meetings because you don't see the notification?

In Your Face blocks your screen when it is time to go to the meeting.

Perfect for remote working.

In Your Face automatically detects video conference links in calendar events. 
Jump into the call with one click.

Lives in your Menu Bar.

In Your Face only bothers you when it needs to.


You need 4 minutes to walk to the meeting room?
 Tell it to In Your Face by customizing repeating events.

Fine tune your experience.

Get reminders only for the calendars that really matter to you.

Just what I needed!
I seem to be blind to normal notifications. No missing these. I'm finally making meetings / call on time consistently.


App Store review by Ribrob – Mar 20, 2020

EVERYONE who works in front of a computer needs this! Never forget a meeting! This is "Just what the doctor ordered!"


App Store review by Jessdolgin – Apr 2, 2020

After installing this app, I am no longer late for meetings. I will be installing this on every work machine I use, forever.


App Store review by That guy!! – Feb 13, 2020

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